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Welcome to my neck of the woods.

Setanta Setters is the home of the 46th Dual Champion Gordon Setter in the History of the breed. Any breeding program must define the purpose of breeding, have a clear and precise picture of what one is trying to achieve.(Click the PUPPY LINK on left to see what I am looking for). I am Dedicated to the Development and Promotion of DUAL Gordon Setters. For me Dual is not" type" but away of life. Life is too short to hunt with an ugly dog.

A Dual Dog is a dog capable of competing in both the field, such as hunt tests, Junior Hunter, Senior Hunter and Master Hunter, or at Field Trials Puppy Dog, Derby Dog and Gun Dog, both Open and Limited Stakes. Also capable of turning it on in the Show Ring. In order to be recorded as a Dual Champion a dog must finish both a Field Championship and a Show Championship. Finishing as a Master Hunter and Show Champion does not make a Dual Champion.

The most important aspect of my Gordon Setters is that they fit the mold of a Gentleman's Gun Dog. Adapt to life in the home, turn it on in the field and look good doing it.





1102 Jancey Street

Pittsburgh Pa 15206

email wassey@verizon.net











If you are looking for a Gordon Setter .................

A Gentleman's Gun Dog .... A Family Pet. Or that go to dog in the show ring Consider This Article

"It is in their business to range and hunt independently for game, at a distance from the sportsman, using their own and intelligence to find it, and having done so, to remain staunchly "on point" awaiting his approach. They must search for the body, and not for the foot sent, and able to maintain a fast steady gallop for long periods without fatigue for this purpose a dog should have independence of character, speed, endurance, and a sensitive nose, combined with natural ability for hunting the terraine, in the best method of finding game". (Croxton Smith 1932, page 70)

If you are STILL looking for a Gordon Setter................ CALL ME

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Dual Champion Tarbaby's Setanta T Rex JH