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The Title “Dual Champion” beyond doubt is one of the most coveted titles in the pure breed dog world.


In order for a dog to receive the title Dual Champion the dog must finish both a Championship and a Field Championship. The order in which a dog completes these titles is not important.

Beging in 1952 there are 54 Gordon Setters that have earned the title Dual Champion. The links on the left are pages of these dogs containing pictures and information I've be able to find. I'll be happy to add any missing information if you email me. Credits for information and photographs are cited. Enjoy.

The Following is a list of Gordon Setters that have earned the title Dual Champion

Beaconfield Captain Fantastic SF787015
Ben Wen Scottee MacDuff SA858799

Black Brook Bonanza SF875451
Blackburn Sir Launcelot
Carolina's All Hat, No Cattle SN7677580
Chance National Velvet SA212058
Chaparral Instant Pride SE605166
Chaparral Persuade McBen SF539986
Chaparral XLO Rater XL Lent SN167863/04
Elysian L'Areyal SF021682
Glascott Scottish Majesty SA28986
Glenraven Autumn Smoke SA335169
Gordon Hill Chantilly Lace SD392287
Gordon Hill East Wind SE087149
Gordon Hill Hangfire SF710567
Gordon Hill Lollipop SA272717
Gordon Hill Tartana Triton SN147322/01
Gordon Hill Odyssey
Gunbar Dare Devil S556697
Hacasak Jenka's Lowako SA751059
Hacasak Tartana Black Hawk SM906649/01
Halcyon Dun Aingeal SD700683
Halcyon Guarantee Nothing SE448550
Halcyon Joyous Jemima SF297536
Highland Laddie's Dugan SD460251
Indian Sky Gordon Hill Scout
Indian Sky Speldbound's Supperman
Loch Adair Monarch SA394364
Loch Ridge Saegryte's Tibby S137519
MacGeowl MacDougal SA265836
McRoth William Wallace SN356233/03
Northern Mystic Bright Star SF378616
Rice Creek B'Zuka WyndDancer SN385135/03

Shadowmere Ebony Shane SB641516
Shadowmere Scylla Savoy SC416185
Shadowmere Spellbound's Hiflyer
Spellbound North By N'West SN183996/03
Spellbound Notorious SN183996/01
Springset Dark Invader SC349514
Springset Duncan MacDuff SA790929
Springset Zealous Quest SC298675
St. Andrew Gaelic Brogue SA459548
Sun-Yak Spellbnd Heaven Scent SN87678103
Taimen Talo Thunderbolt SN66169903
Tarbaby's Setanta T Rex SN80032802
Tartana Champagne Charlie SE015724
Tartana Clarion Clipper SM870818/02
Tartana Cutty Sark SN355798/07
Tew Tyne Denver Heart Throb SM850217/03
Tomar Frontier Renegade SG013696
Tri-Sett Zenith Brite Ju-Dee SM991696/01
Windy Hill Lucky Chance S690030
Wyld Torrent Bright Star SF729699




A Champion of Record

The title “Champion” (CH) is awarded to a dog that has acquired 15 points, including two majors under different judges and at least one point under a third different judge.


Field Champion

A Field Champion (FC) title is awarded to a dog that has acquired 10 points at
3 trials, with at least 1 win of 3 points or better in:
Open All-Age
Open Gun Dog
Open Limited All-Age
Open Limited Gun Dog
No more than 2 points from puppy (Open and/or Amateur Walking)
No more than 2 points from derby (Open and/or Amateur Walking)
No more than 4 of the 10 points have been won by placing 1st in Amateur Stakes.


The Dual Breeder: Breeding for Both Conformation and Performance

For some, like dual Gordon Setter breeder Frank Watters, it is a passion that is its own reward. Watters judged the Hunt Test at the Gordon Setter Club of America’s 2007 national, and his dog DC Tarbaby’s Setanta T Rex, JH, is the breed’s 46th dual champion. “It can get expensive, and there are a lot of practical challenges involved,” he says. “But I can’t think of anything I would rather do.”

You can see the full article by clicking the link below



Rex on grouse in Wisconsin