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Grouse woods

Every year as opening day draws closer Mid September, final plans are drafted for the lucky few, to head North. Seeking thick, young dense woody cover, Aspen and Elders, Honeysuckles and dogwoods young and old deciduous and evergreen where there is flowing or standing water all the better. From the Wisconsin DNR web page "There are two designated ruffed grouse management zones in Wisconsin including a large zone encompassing the majority of north, central, and southwestern portions of the state and a smaller zone including the southeastern portion of the state. Grouse tend to use a variety of habitat types, but young, early successional forest types are most important when trying to find a good grouse hunting location."


Saint Hubert Feast Day November 3rd

St Hubert

Saint Hubert has been the Patron Saint of the hunters since the ninth century and is called upon for the protection of the dogs and horses and for successful hunting.

Hubert, it's said, was a great lover of pleasure and his chief passion was the chase, to which he devoted nearly all his time.  According to the legend, Hubert was afield the morning of Good Friday, on horseback with his famous hounds he was engaged in the chase of a deer. The Catholic Encyclopedia states: As he was pursuing a magnificent stag, and in a clearing in the forest, the animal stopped and turned.  Hubert was astounded at perceiving a crucifix suspended between its antlers, while he heard a voice from the figure of Christ say, "Hubert, unless you turn to the Lord, and lead a holy life, you shall quickly fall into the abyss of Hell!" Hubert dismounted immediately from his horse, fell prostrate on the ground and asked, "Lord, what would you have me do?" He immediately received the reply, "Go and seek Lambert and he will instruct you." At the time, Lambert was the Bishop of Maastricht, who kindly received Hubert and became his spiritual advisor. Hubert reportedly also worked several miracles during his life by exorcising those possessed by demons and curing a case of rabies after making the sign of the cross over the victim.  Hubert is also the patron saint for archers, forest workers, furriers and trappers, hunters and huntsmen as well as hunting as a profession

Shrine in the Woods

There is a place were grouse hunters go to honor the memory of St. Hubert and pray for a good hunting season

St Huberts Shrine



Spending time hunting ruffed grouse has taught me that this bird presents one of the most difficult challenges for any gun dog. Wheather in Pensylvania, Maine or Wisconsin the keen caution, cunning, and watchfulness especially in detecting and escaping danger; given to early, explosive flushes; and running ahead of the hunter, grouse routinely shame all but the best of bird dogs. Dogs capable of handling such challenges are my obsession.

Rex on a Grouse



Dusty .

Champagne Dusty Rose was born on 5/30/1995 as a champagne colored filly. She has a certificate of registration from the Racking Horse Breeders Association of America. She has a star on her forehead and her registration # is 953494. 

She matured at 15 H and 1000#s. Her sire is a black and white spotted stud named Allred’s Spotted Troubador TWHBEA #912410Her dam a grade champagne mare named Rose. 

Champagne Dusty Rose produced two foals so far in her lifetime:   

Buckskin filly foaled 04-02-2001 named Amber with large star and three socks.    Champagne colt foaled 07-2005 now belonging to Jean Webb.

Dusty and I first became aquainted at the Gordon Setter National held in 2004, she is a spirited horse who handles gently and is very responsive. Dusty's gaits are a true joy to ride

Holly and Dusty Fall Ride


Wisconsin northwoods

Grouse Woods in Wisconsin

Grouse Camp

In the early 1980s, a group of prominent Wisconsians unofficially organized themselves into a hunting and riding club to indulge their passion for horses and hounds. The original and founding members of Grouse Camp are Phil Wachuta, Dave Grimsrud and Jeff Johnson. Their enjoyment of the traditional hunt was marred, however, by the lack of a clubhouse where they could gather after the hunt or to pursue other social activities. The problem was solved when Holly Wachuta preposed the use of her facilities located in Stetsonville Wisconsin.. Founded on the principles of trust, respect, friendship, goodwill, co-operation and to enhance appreciation of our hunting heritage Grouse Camp has grown over the years.

Grouse camp 2008.

Frank Watters Member of Grouse Camp at St Hubert's Shrine November 2008.

Jon Brandt Featherman Kennels Member

Jon Brandt Featherman Kennels

Bob Mitchel 2008 Inductee

Bob Mitchel .

Grouse Camp Membership Roster

Phil and Holly Wachuta, Dave Grimsrud,Jeff Johnson, Chuck Koler, Randy Young,Mark Fussinger, Rob and Jean Webb,Jon Brandt, Frank Watters & Bob Mitchel

Dusty head shot

Champagne Dusty Rose

Dusty 2.